Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is RotateMy.Site?

RotateMy.Site is a PTP program where you can advertise your site for a low price and it will be displayed in sites with high traffic OR where you can earn money promoting your link (publisher).

This is a collaborative work between advertisers and publishers, as publisher you display the advertiser site and you will receive some money for that.

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2. Can I promote my link in PTC, autosurf or grid programs?

Yes, PTC/autosurf/grid/rev share programs are welcome.

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3. As advertiser, where my website will be displayed?

You site will be displayed in all sites of our publishers for unlimited times until your campaign expires.

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4. I have a PTC sites, can I have another benefit?

We are giving extra benefits for members who have a legal and valid license in EvolutionScript, you get this:

  • Earn cash promoting your PTP link.
  • Earn 1 PTP credit for each ad displayed in your site.
  • Each PTP credit earned will be automatically allocated in your site.
  • Receive 500 PTP credits to start.
  • Exchange your ad with other PTC sites owners for unlimited time.
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5. What is the minimum payout and how long does it take to receive my payment?

The minimum payout is $2.00 and it is processed in 24 hours.

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6. What payment processor do you accept?

We accept Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin and Coin2Send for deposits and withdrawals.

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